This is a special Art Journal created for the 100 themes Challenge at Digital Whisper. We have been given 100 different themes to inspire and create digital collage art over the course of a year. All of my art is created in Photoshop Elements 7 and is made using personal photos, stock photos, copyfree and digital kit imagery. All sources will be noted in the post. Please enjoy and watch this journal grow!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gaia's Prayer

She is the moment when body

knits to body and the world flowers.

She enlivens everything: plants

in the meadow, the ocean's fish,

animals hidden in the forest,

birds tumbling on the wind.

She is our darling, who under

the wheeling stars makes all

things blossom and bear fruit.

At her approach storms clear,

dark clouds dissolve to blue,

sweet earth and all the oceans

smile, and her light dances brilliant

through the flourishing world.

_______ Homeric hymm

This is my entry for the digital-whisper challenge #53 Life. It is also in celebration of Earth Day which is this Friday April 22nd. Hopefully we can all get outside and give thanks and spend some time in nature and perhaps plant something, pick up debris or tend to the earth in some way to help heal and nourish our only home.

Imagery credits go to Finecrafted Designs and Holliewood at Deviant Scraps. Artist paper clippings and artistic filters in Photoshop.


  1. Lori, this is simply magical! It glows with life and the spirit of the earth, and the words are a perfect compliment.

  2. What inspired use of this Finecrafted image. Brilliant marriage of art and prose as well. One of your best, Lori!

  3. Hand and petal, vine and face, Picture and words superb simply superb...fantastically well done Lori!!

  4. Superb !!!!!!!!
    Love the beautiful way you project your images. Such wonderful words only to add to it's beauty.

  5. Hi Lori....GORGEOUS..Super-Wow...breathtaking..and magical..and i must share..when i was a child i would have dreams that a sunflower was trying to grow out of my face and head..this imagery totally brought back that memory! this is so gorgeous and healing and enlightening..you are such an amazing visionary-artist...so powerfully inspiring..i can so easily journey inside all your magnificent creations!!

  6. Lori, this is the first time I have visited your digital journal blog. Your earth mother is amazing. She is modern, yet ancient. She is timeless. The accompanying poem is beautiful. So glad I decided to visit here.