This is a special Art Journal created for the 100 themes Challenge at Digital Whisper. We have been given 100 different themes to inspire and create digital collage art over the course of a year. All of my art is created in Photoshop Elements 7 and is made using personal photos, stock photos, copyfree and digital kit imagery. All sources will be noted in the post. Please enjoy and watch this journal grow!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mother Nature

What greater praise can I give you than to call you

green? Green, rooted in light, shining like the sun that

pours riches on the wheeling earth; incomprehensible

green, divinely mysterious green, comforting arms of

divine green, protecting us in their powerful circle.

And yet, lady, you are more than even the noblest green,

for you glow red as breaking dawn, you shine white

as the incandescent sun. splendid Mother, none

of our physical senses can explain or comprehend you.

.....Hildegarde of Bingin

This is my entry for the digital-whisper challenge (#22 Mother Nature). Imagery from e-vint.com, Holliewood and Finecrafted designs at Deviant scraps. Soft light, fresco and multiply filters used in Photoshop.


  1. How beautifully you've illustrated the accompanying words. Mother Nature never looked finer!

  2. A gorgeous, earthy Mother Nature. Spectacular.

  3. I tell you Lori coming here is just like dessert...I love it. What a gorgeous piece of art this is and the words...fantastic!

  4. Mmmmm...beautiful. Love the deep, rich colors. And the words you added are wonderful.

  5. Oh Lori, you have me speechless again. Love the words and the picture is sumptious.xx

  6. Inspiring..magical...ethereal..and so beautiful Lori..you are awesome!and Hildegarde is very sacred and special to my heart!
    Thankyou for this beautiful moment of peaceful-pause and bliss in my day..

  7. the light effect is awesome. The whole picture & the corresponding words are amazingly beautiful.

  8. What a gorgeous creation! It's very organic, pulsating with life.

  9. Stunning creation and moving quote. I have not thought of Hildegarde in many years. Thank you!

  10. rich colors and a lovely design.. looks like an oil painting..bravo..