This is a special Art Journal created for the 100 themes Challenge at Digital Whisper. We have been given 100 different themes to inspire and create digital collage art over the course of a year. All of my art is created in Photoshop Elements 7 and is made using personal photos, stock photos, copyfree and digital kit imagery. All sources will be noted in the post. Please enjoy and watch this journal grow!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lemon Tree

Well after about three steady weeks of gardening and planting I had to come in from the sun and do some artwork!  This is my entry for the Digital Whisper 100 themes ( #10 Lemon Tree). I indeed have several lemon trees (made fresh squeezed lemonade from them this week) in my yard, and the lemons used in this piece are photos from my tree but digitally altered (posterized) along with imagery from Beth Rimmer, Dover and Holliewood at Deviant art scraps. Glorious summer (if a bit too hot already ) is upon us!!


  1. Awesome that you used a lemon tree from your own garden!!! I am so enjoying my garden this year after the long and cold winter we had!!!

    Beautifully done!!! Love your art! Big Hug!

  2. Love this one Lori--lucky you to have your very own lemon tree~

  3. Beautiful Art Piece! And The Lemons look Fantastic in it!

  4. beautifully blended..a nice take on this theme.

  5. Oh my...I adore this fantastic gardening piece....just lovely and uplifting! I always wanted a lemon tree..too cold here...gorgeous Lori!! as always you dazzle my heart!

  6. The piece is beautiful & colourful. Your own lemon tree adds to it's beauty.
    Living in apartments, own graden is nostaligic & only a childhood memory. Enjoy your garden.
    Lovely pc.

  7. And glorious summer it is too! such a riot of color and texture and beautiful imagery.